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Double Walled Bike Box

Bicycle Packaging

We are experts when it comes to packaging bicycles and we prepare your bicycle for airline or freight travel the same way we would pack our own.  Each bicycle is partially disassembled and the frame is completely covered with bubble wrap.  We only use new, double corrugated cardboard boxes(far stronger than the box most manufactures utilize).  Plastic frame/fork spacers, foam wrap and heavy duty copper staples are used to help insure your bicycle and transport box stay intact.  Bike Tech is not a shipping service and unfortunately we can't promise your bicycle will arrive undamaged.  We can promise we take every precaution to minimize that risk and have packaged many hundreds of bicycles for transportation.  If you suspect your bicycle has sustained damaged during transport or notice the transport box is deformed please make an immediate claim with your shipping service.  Bike Tech is not responsible for any damages incurred once your bicycle has left our store.

If you are purchasing a bicycle and wish to pick it up ready for airline or freight travel, please add the "Bike Boxing" item below to your cart.