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Gains in performance are built on the foundation of the Bike Fitting.

It doesn’t matter if you are a recreational, weekend warrior, fitness cyclist, pro triathlete, road cyclist or mountain biker; your bike must fit your body.

Our well acknowledged on board specialist, Alberto Cuadrado, patiently guide you through the Bike Fitting process, where you unlearn old techniques or suboptimal habits, paying attention to every detail that could be holding you back from performing far from what you want to.

* Improve power output

* Spend less energy

* Lower metabolic cost

* Ride with more comfort over greater distances

* Ride safely back from an injury


Alberto has a Physiology background (one of the pillars of Bike Fitting), his fittings stand out from those based only in formulas or range of numbers: everyone is unique, requiring a different approach. Working with your actual abilities and/or limitations he ensures a satisfactory outcome.


Once you're riding Alberto follows up to learn how are you adapting and if there’s any adjustment needed at that point.

You can set an appointment with Alberto and enjoy a One on One ride session and get checked “in the field” with analytical eyes.

Alberto Cuadrado is also an internationally recognized Bike Fit Specialist, serving (globally) to the cycling community around the world.

SICI Certified * UCI Coach Level 1 * Olympic Solidarity Recognition

Alberto Cuadrado Certified Bike Fit Specialist

Certified Serotta International Cycling Institute - Olympic Solidarity Recognition - UCI Cycling Coach Level 1