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Fit Studio

Located within the Specialized Store by Bike Tech, this beautiful studio is near the heart of Downtown Miami, Wynwood and Midtown. Utilizing the latest tools, technology, and techniques, this studio will allow our professional bicycle fitters to extract your highest potential. You're a weekend warrior looking for more comfort, an aspiring racer looking for a competitive edge, or an endurance athlete looking to maximize efficiency.  We're here to insure you're getting the most from your bicycle.

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Client Fitting

Arnie Freire

Arnie Freire has been in the bicycle industry for almost 40 years, performing bicycle fittings for 1000's of cyclists ranging from beginners to top athletes.

Over the last 4 decades he has utilized the most advanced fit systems of their time:

"The Fit Kit" in the 1980's, "The Serotta Cycle" in the 1990's, the "Specialized Body Geometry" in 2010's and now the "Retul" bicycle fitting system.

Fitting 101

Using measuring tools our Fit Specialist will assess your pelvic width. Taking this data into consideration, you will work with your Fit Specialist to determine the appropriate saddle width, contour, and density for your riding needs.

Industry standard neutral cleat positioning(if applicable)

Using keystones on your foot, your Fit Specialist will adjust your cleat position fore/aft and rotation.

Industry neutral saddle position

Based on Industry standards your Fit Specialist will work with you to find appropriate leg extension and saddle fore/aft.

Brief Handlebar, Stem, Reach, and Drop assessment

Using your preferred riding experience your Fit Specialist will help you find a great starting point for your cycling adventure.

Diagnostic on current position

During your session your fitter will bring to your attention small details to focus on going forward that may be able to improve your riding experience.

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