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Future Motion Onewheel+ XR & Pint

Future Motion

It took our Founder/CEO Kyle Doerksen 8 years of tinkering, lots of coffee, and a handful of prototypes, but by the end of 2013, Kyle had created a riding experience so beautiful folks could hardly believe it. Kyle quit his day job, hired a team of like-minded individuals, launched Onewheel and has been helping to bring thousands of riders pure-joy moments ever since.

Which One Is Right For You?


Smiles for miles

Pocket-sized awesome.

6-8 Mile Range.

16 MPH Top Speed.

Small. Light. Nimble.




Onewheel+ XR

Big adventures

Double the freedom.

12-18 Mile Range.

19 MPH Top Speed.

Epic. Rugged. Powerful.

Exclusively Available At Our Midtown Miami Location

Specialized Store by Bike Tech

Visit our store and speak with one of our Onewheel experts.