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Bike Tech Bicycle Packaging/Boxing

Bike Tech Bicycle Packaging/Boxing
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Bike Tech Bicycle Packaging

Bicycle Prep and Test
Double Corrugated Transport Box 54x8x30 Inches
Frame Bubble Wrap
Signature Required

Note: Bike Tech is not a shipping company. We've packaged thousands of bicycles for transport and though we take every precaution, we cannot guarantee your bicycle will arrive without damage. If you suspect your bicycle is damaged or notice the transport box is deformed or damaged in anyway, please make a claim with the shipping company immediately. Bike Tech is not responsible for bicycles damaged during transport. We will not add accessory items in the box like shoes, helmets, pumps etc as they increase the likelihood of damage to the bicycle or themselves.

For most of our clients this double corrugated cardboard box represents the best balance of price and safety when transporting bikes. There are better, stronger, safer and more versatile solutions from manufactures like Thule, Evoc and Serfas. See "Related Items" below this product. Consider the price of your bicycle vs the method you choose to ship and package to determine the best balance of price and performance.

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