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Dahon Dahon K-One EBike Hub Drive Black

Dahon Dahon K-One EBike Hub Drive Black
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he Dahon K-One brings power and efficiency in an affordable and compact package.

The K-One is one of Dahon's newest and coolest creations. As a leader among folding bike manufacturers for over 30 years, Dahon has had the resources and expertise to make the K-One hard to beat. It's lighter than just about any folding e-bike, weighing only 42lbs. This hub motor version of the K-One features a smooth and efficient 250w Bafang rear-hub motor paired up with a specially chipped 36v Samsung battery that is designed to store longer without discharge.

It offers a surprising range for a small battery hub-motored ebike.

Its low center of gravity and lack of frills makes it a dream to pick up and toss in the car or carry up stairs, at just 25.5"H x 32.6"W x15"D the K-One folds down to one small package.

And to top it off, it comes with torque-sensing pedal assist which delivers power in proportion to your pedal pressure for a smoother, more controllable, more bike-like ride.

Motor: 250w Bafang Hub Motor
Battery: 36V / 8.7Ah / 313Wh Samsung Li-Ion Battery
Max Speed: 20mph
Pedal Assist: Torque sensing
Throttle: No
Fork: Rigid
Brakes: Mechanical Disc
Frame Size: Folding
Available Colors: Black or white

Part Numbers

92-2-04 210000029820